Christmas 2014

Hi everyone, I am ready to post the Christmas offerings for this year. Just a few things to run through first of all, teacher cupcakes will only be available for collection on Thursday 18 November.
Christmas Day items are for collection before 1pm on Christmas Eve.
Due to other commitments I am unable to make boxes of cupcakes for any other dates apart from Christmas Eve collection in December, we have a very busy, full month.

I have already taken orders for Christmas cakes, 6 inch are £30 each, I have a couple left if anyone wants one. Individuals boxed are £6 each and perfect for those who love fruit cake but wouldn’t buy a cake for maybe just themselves.



Teacher cupcakes are only available on Thursday 18 December. This year we have an individual christmas cupcake in a pod with thank you tag and festive ribbon for £3 or a Christmas red velvet cupcake jar with thank you tag, wooden spoon and ribbon for £6 or a box of 4 Christmas cupcakes boxed and ribboned for £9.




Christmas Day items are only available for collection in Lisburn on Christmas Eve before 1pm. This year I have 2 pick up points so hopefully should help some people.
This year we have either 6 inch or 8 inch dessert cakes in red velvet, Victoria sponge, lemon cheesecake and chocolate Nutella, 6 inch are £20 and 8 inch are £30. If you are unsure what size MSG me how many to feed and I can help you decide.
There will also be boxes of 6 Christmas cupcakes, dessert style with Christmas sprinkles for £10, fully decorated £12 or boxes of 12 Christmas cupcakes, dessert style with sprinkles £20, fully decorated £23.
Edible lump of coal for those naughty children or the joker in the family, this comes wrapped and tagged £3.
Christmas Cupcake red velvet jar with decorative ribbon and wooden spoon £6.




Just to make you aware designs may vary for decorative products.
Cupcake flavours this year are red velvet, gingerbread, mint hot chocolate, Black Forest, don’t eat yellow snow, ferrero rocher and cranberry & white chocolate. I’m afraid I can not make individual flavour boxes this year, they are just mixed flavours.

If you would like to order or have any questions please email or you can message my facebook page or you can text me. Thank you x x